Conditions of Sale
Conditions of Sale

Our conditions of sale have evolved over the years since we started
breeding Labradors.  All of our conditions are to provide for the best
interest of our puppies as well as to promote responsible breeding of
any puppies we produce.  We discourage any pet owner from breeding
their "pet" because he/she has such a "wonderful temperament" or
because they want an offspring of their pet, therefore, we sell on "limited
registration" which means the offspring of the puppy cannot be
registered, as well as on spay/neuter contracts.

Some of our other conditions of sale are:

1.  Puppy/dog must not be allowed to roam free in the neighborhood nor
be confined by being tied up

2.  Puppy/dog must not be allowed to ride in the back of an open pickup
truck unless confined in a kennel that has been secured to the truck bed

3.  We will be notified if buyer, at any time in the dog's life, is not able to
keep the dog.  We will gladly take the dog back and find him/her a good

As I said, these conditions are necessary for the best interests of our
puppies, not to offend anyone.  We will gladly discuss any of them with
anyone who has a question.

Michael & Helen